Born in November 10th 2007 with the origin name LUCILLE and decided to change into 4JOKERS in July 2010. 4JOKERS was founded by Arnold and Yopie in 2007 with first formation Reno (vocal), Yopie (bass), Arnold (Guitar), Adhit (Drum). In 2008 the vocalist and the drummer suddenly quit then decided to change formation into female vocal Ocha and new drummer Agus. 4JOKERS change the genre from Rock into popjazz and popblues with the new formation. In 2009 the vocalist recruited by another band and the drummer wants to quit in music and decided to quit the band. A month later 4JOKERS recruited new vocal TB (ex IN BLOOM) and new drummer Iqbal, also change the genre into Rock again but this time with different feel and sound which is became 4JOKERS music style. Not very long in December 2009 the new drummer must go back to his city to finish the study, and at last in 2010 4JOKERS recruited Ejoy to be new drummer till now. The name is choosen because Joker is very unique in appearance. Also in almost card game, Joker very useful and can be turn into any card you want in poker game which is similar to our members and our band.

4JOKERS had unique sound and called our genre is "ROCKZ". Basically we combined ROCK music with Jazz, Funk, Disco, Pop, Blues in different combination and style to create unique sound of our band, so people will know immediately the difference 4JOKERS with others.

Each members had their own style and “feeling” also had “it” factor that can make people so easy to enjoy ROCKZ.

4JOKERS are :
1. TB - Vocal
2. Yopie – Bass
3. Arnold – Guitar
4. Ejoy – Drums

4JOKERS songs :
1. Someday (ROCKZ #1 : British Jrock)
2. HIGH (ROCKZ #2 : Disco Alternative Rock)
3. INNOCENT (ROCKZ #3 : Disco Electronic Rock)

4JOKERS - Someday (video klip indie made)

4JOKERS - HIGH (2nd songs)

4JOKERS - Someday (live @ autoradio)

4JOKERS - Bila (live @ autoradio)

Experience 4JOKERS :
1.Perpisahan SMP 5 Bandung
2.Praevent SMA 2 Bandung
3.Bazaar SMA 2 Bandung
4.Bazaar SMA 1 Bandung
5.Bazaar SMA 8 (‘04) Bandung
6.Grungekustik @ Distro Channel (’05)
7.Bazaar SMA 4 Bdg
8.Classic Café
9.Inagurasi Psikologi Unisba
10.Pesta @ Unisba
11.Jatos (’06)
12.Inagurasi Psikologi Maranatha
13.HUT Time Bomb Blues @ Lengkong (’07)
14.Sehat Tanpa Narkoba @ Unjani
15.Kretasenja @ Unjani
16.Buka Bersama Teknik Elektro Unjani (’08)
17.Bandie-Bandie Party Sukabumi
18.The Most & Casual Contest se-Jawa Barat
19.Akustik @ Maranatha
20.POSEMATHA (2002,2003,2005,2006)
21.Friday On Stage(2002,2003,2006) @ Maranatha
22.Bazaar SMU MY Sukabumi
23.Akustik @ Podjok Ngopi
24.Kiranti Goes To Campus @ Maranatha
25.Festival Band Unpas (’08)
26.Ulang Tahun VAC (Vespa Antik Club) 2006
27.Ulang Tahun Bandung TV 2006
28.Bandung TV Telkomsel 2007
29. Accoustic @ Jatos 2009
30. Accoustic @ Seminar Unjani 2010
And many more….

Tubagus Firman Muhammad Hakim

Nickname :

Position :

Type :
Hard Rock With Heavy Bass Vocal

Birth :
Cimahi, April 1st,1987

Influence :
Radiohead, The Beatles, Incubus, Muse, Pearl Jam, Cupumanik.

Experience :
Perpisahan SMP 5 Bdg, Praevent SMA 2 Bdg, Bazaar SMA 2, Bazaar SMA 1, Bazaar SMA 8 (‘04), Grungekustik @ Distro Channel (’05), Bazaar SMA 4 Bdg, Classic Café, Inagurasi Psikologi Unisba, Pesta @ Unisba, Jatos (’06), Inagurasi Psikologi Maranatha, HUT Time Bomb Blues @ Lengkong (’07), Sehat Tanpa Narkoba @ Unjani, Kretasenja @ Unjani, Buka Bersama Teknik Elektro Unjani (’08), FKHMEB @ Itenas


Yopi Andrias


Position :

Type :
Funk Slap, Jrock Slide, Harmonic Major, Pentatonic Feel

Instrument :

Birth :
Tasikmalaya, Oktober 6th,1984

Influence :
L’arc en Ciel, Incubus, Muse, Luna Sea, Red Hot Chili Pepper

Festival Band Sepriangan Timur, Bandung TV Telkomsel, Ulang Tahun VAC (Vespa Antic Club), Akustik NISP @ Maranatha, Seminar Psikologi Maranatha, Festival Band Unpad, FKHMEB @ Itenas


Stephanus Arnold

Nickname :

Position :

Type :
Pentatonic Harmonic with delay distortion sound
Pentatonic with Crunch clean sound
Instrument :
Fender Telecustom

Effects :
POD Floor

Birth :
Sukabumi, September 18th,1984

Influence :
L’arc en Ciel, Vamps, Eric Jhonson, Incubus, Asian Kungfu Generation

Bandie-Bandie Party Sukabumi, The Most Casual Contest se-Jawa Barat, Akustik @ Maranatha, POSEMATHA (2002,2003,2005,2006), Friday On Stage(2002,2003,2006) @ Maranatha, Sehat Tanpa Narkoba @ Unjani, Bazaar SMU MY Sukabumi, Akustik @ Podjok Ngopi, Kiranti Goes To Campus @ Maranatha, Jatos (’06), Festival Band Unpas (’08), Ulang Tahun VAC (Vespa Antik Club) 2006, Ulang Tahun Bandung TV 2006, Bandung TV Telkomsel 2007, FKHMEB @ Itenas


Ega Nuansa

Nickname :

Position :

Type :
Funk, Rock feel

Birth :
Cilegon, August 16th,1985

Influence :
Radiohead, Pulp, Incubus

band performance campus parade @score, band performance sophie martin festival @ nhii, band performance pijar pijar @ unpas, band performance @unikom, band performance @escobar, band performance @ kafe halaman, band performance @ unisba, band performance @ unpad, band performance @ upi, band performance @ rumah paying, drum performance @ braga festival

Contact : Arnold (085721260822) Email :

Myspace :

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